Game Hack Day NYC
World of Fourcraft

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World of Fourcraft



Ricky Robinett - back-end/Foursquare hacking

Brian Wrightson - Google Maps hacking

Chris Outram - back-end/framework hacking

Hannah Robinett - design/bulletproof HTML

Jeff O’Connell - JavaScript/OAuth hacking

Greg Zimerman - idea hacking

Jimmy Lee - unit test hacking

About the Hack

World of Fourcraft is an adventure of Social Conquest.

The object of the game is to join forces with your Borough Buddies and conquer New York City.

There are no prizes. There are no celebrations. The only reward is the feeling of pride you normally only get from being re-tweeted.

How do you play?
  1. Login into World of Fourcraft
  2. Swear your allegiance to your favorite Borough
  3. Incessantly check in on Foursquare, as you are want to do
  4. Visit the Battle Map to get the latest news on The Social Wars. Screenshot

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?

  • foursquare API
  • Google Maps API
  • PHP
  • MongoDB