Game Hack Day NYC

Pusher at Game Hack Day

Pusher provides an API for realtime messaging.

Contact Info

  • On the day: Matthew @kanwisher (our awesome NYC fan who’s going to be presenting the API)
  • Phil Leggetter (Developer Evangelist) will be available over email/twitter - phil at pusher dot com
  • @leggetter
  • @pusherapp
  • Support - info at pusher dot com
  • Documentation -

Client events

If you’re building a fast paced game, you may want to use Pusher’s beta client events feature. To do this it must be enabled in your app. Send a request to info at pusher dot com with GAMEHACKDAY in the subject and we’ll do this for you as quickly as possible!

Alternatively, we have created an open account that will be available for the weekend. It has client events enabled. Just make sure you use a unique channel name in your app so you don’t step on someone else’s toes!

Pusher access credentials

app_id = '6477'
key = '83d652b1c3204e365939'
secret = '5d1c2e1eef265f638e6f'



Free Bootstrap plan for 1 year (worth $228) for the most awesome use of Pusher.