Game Hack Day NYC


“You take your **** and **** the shit out of them”

Creators (alphabetically ordered)


Dan Spinosa

Henry Sztul

Joe Yevoli

Rebecca Zhou

About the Hack

We take all the tweets that include the tag #censoredtweet and pull them in to our contest. The #censoredtweet with the most points/votes at the end of the day wins and gets immortalized on our site.

A #censoredtweet is a retweet (using old school RT, not the new crap) where you censor some innocuous word(s) using ***, such that an innocent tweet now looks dirty. For example

#censoredtweet RT @newsycombinator Sam Altman will *** your *** for $5

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?

teh twitter


on the github